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Global Podcast Editors

Stephanie Fuccio

The LIVE Global Podcast Editor Chats are twice a month on YouTube. It's a rotating small group of global podcast editors who like to chat about the business AND technical side of the business. We focus on what podcasts we're working on right now including but not limited to what recent challenges we're having and what recent successes we've celebrated. It's hosted live on YouTube and this podcast is the audio version of the lives. Watch the chats LIVE or on replay on YouTube: DETAILS:All lives are recorded via Streamyard ( on YouTube and then lightly sweeted on Hindenburg by yours truly, Stephanie Fuccio, creator of the entire Global Podcast Editors community. More below on us. GLOBAL PODCAST EDITORS COMMUNITY:Global Podcast Editors is a global podcast editor community where we dive into the successes and growing pains of being a freelance podcast editor, running a small podcast editing business, or transitioning between the two like I am!
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